How to Select the Right Crowdfunding Marketing Agency for Your Campaign

How to Select the Right Crowdfunding Marketing Agency for Your Campaign

How to Select the Right Crowdfunding Marketing Agency for Your Campaign

Selecting the right crowdfunding marketing agency for your crowdfunding project may be a significant challenge. For one there are plenty of marketing agencies out there who take on crowdfunding as an additional service but are not really experts or specialists in crowdfunding. 

You’ll have to weed out the generic marketing agencies and look for agencies that specialize in your chosen crowdfunding platform. Some crowdfunding marketing agencies specialize in Kickstarter marketing while others specialize in Indiegogo. 

Once you’ve got a list of top ten crowdfunding marketing agencies, it’s time to run a comparative analysis and choose the one that you will want to work with. 

Some things to help you choose the right agency are: 

Their Experience with Crowdfunding

Most marketing agencies do not have extensive experience with crowdfunding. While they may have the tools and the strategy, they do not have the experience required to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

The reason? Crowdfunding is not like regular marketing. Only a crowdfunding marketing expert can show you how to find and build a backers’ list, how to create a product launch, how to drive traffic to the campaign etc. 

Most importantly, also figure out if they have experience managing a product or a service similar to yours. 

The Number of Successful Campaigns

A crowdfunding marketing agency’s success is defined by the number of successful campaigns they have run. Most agencies don’t take on projects that they don’t see success for, and when they do, they make sure that their strategies translate to critical success. 

You can measure their success by checking the initial funding goal and the eventual goal that was fulfilled. Another metric of success is evaluating the number of backers and the highest bracket of money backers were willing to spend. 

Understand their Process

Marketing for crowdfunding is a complex process. There is a lot of prep and back-end work involved in order to reach a successful goal. 

It’s important for any crowdfunding marketing agency to have a process in place that will cater to the different needs of your project. From data analysis to backers building strategy, to landing page and social media advertising strategy – there is a list of things that need to be done. 

You should be knowing what process the agency will use and the time it will take to make a successful launch. A great marketing agency will have a clearly defined process with measurable metrics against each process step or milestone. 

Ask Them About their Most Successful Project

What is the success bar that this company sets? In the crowdfunding world, success is measured in terms of the highest amount of money raised. 

If your goal is to raise more than $100K for your project, your chosen agency should have a successful project that has raised more than $100K. If an agency does not have experience raising this amount of money, you might want to reconsider. 

Their Online Reviews, Social Media Presence & Industry Connections

Before working with any marketing agency, it’s important to study online reviews about them and see what people say. You can also visit the companies that they have helped and find out if those are legit projects. 

Of course, a social media search for the agency will also be helpful. Evaluate their activity level on social media, notice how they interact with people and see if they have a great network. 

Finally, do they have a list of reporters, PR agents or connections that can help you with the publicity of your project? Press and promotions are an integral part of crowdfunding marketing; so do make sure your chosen agency can help you with promotion as well as building PR. 

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As always, when choosing your agency, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your agency will be your partner in a successful funding campaign, so make sure you know exactly how they will be helping you in achieving your goals. 

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