Octopus Kids Watch

About This Project

I helped launch the Octopus kids watch on Kickstarter.


I helped create a strategy with the founders on how to launch the product and how to activate its core fan base. I also helped double the mailing list to over 20,000 sign ups by using growth hacking techniques.


When the project launched it had already reached its funding goal of 50,000 within a few hours of the campaign launch. The project became a viral success after it got 136k shares on Facebook and resulted in the video amassing over 20 million + views.


The project also gained press coverage from Mashable, FutureNT, TechCrunch, The Daily Dot, GeekDad, CBS and hundreds of other news sources.


The project ended up raising $1 Million + with over 9k backers.


Useful Links

Octopus Watch Website

Octopus Watch Kickstarter Page

Octopus Watch Indiegogo OnDemand


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