NYSW Hybrid Watch

About This Project

The client came to us with a challenge of helping them find a new audience, they had developed a market for older audiences but had yet to attract younger people. We created a strategy using their expertise as watchmakers to help them attract a younger audience for their new brand. We decided to call this brand ‘NYSW’ and to create hybrid watches.

We built up a solid community before the launch building up an email database of over 10,000 users. We had also created a community group to test the different designs created by the watchmaker, we decided to launch the most voted products to the market.

The project got 100s of news outlets that covered the launch, including well-known outlets like Cult of Mac, Wareable, Crowdfindly, Digital Trends, Mashable.

NYSW has raised over $215,000 on Kickstarter alone with over 1000 backers total. It raised another $25,000 using Backerkit and another $25,000 using Indiegogo in-demand. 

We also helped launch sales through their e-commerce platform. The company also signed many distribution deals worldwide on the back of the crowdfunding success.


Useful Links

NYSW Kickstarter Page

NYSW Indiegogo Page

NYSW Website

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