Mojipic Emojic Car Display

About This Project

Our team has helped Mojipic from very early on, they had created an initial concept and had started to think about crowdfunding. We helped them build up the story behind the project, working on the core messaging to understand why customers would buy this product.

Mojipic is a voice-controlled emoji display you can attach to your window, we focused the product on cars. The aim was to make it simple enough to understand and use without too many objections. We had managed to build a strong community prior to the launch of over 20,000 emails of people interested in the product.

On the first day of the project, we had raised over $60,000 with most backers paying $49 USD on average. We had ended up raising over $100,000 by the end of week one.

We managed to gain favorable press for the project in a number of publications including Metro Newspaper, DudeIWantThat, New Atlas, TopGear, AutoBlog and 100s of others.

We also managed to get a viral video from Interesting Engineering a page that has over 10 million followers, our video got over 11 million views. This led to a snowball effect with a lot of other viral channels picking up on the video and sharing it out also.

The project has raised over 534,018 with 5,348 backers.  We had driven over 372,289 visitors to the crowdfunding page.

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