Mindset Headphones

About This Project

I helped launch Mindset headphones on Kickstarter.

I worked on a pre-launch strategy to help get the project off to a strong start, it didn’t have a fan base when it started. I also helped increase lead conversions through the website.

Before the project launched I helped improve messaging on the Kickstarter page to help increase conversions and get the fan base excited for the launch.

When the project launched on day one it had hit over $100k and within the first week, it was over $250k. 

The project also gained press coverage from Mashable, FutureNT, TheVerge, StudioDope, MajorHifi, Crowdfindly and hundreds of other news sources.

The project ended up raising $1 Million + with over 3,929 backers.

Useful Links

Mindset Kickstarter Page


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