IOFIT Smart Shoes

About This Project

I helped launch IOFIT Smart Shoes. The product was a niche golfing shoe that spun off from Samsung startup labs. I worked with their team of product developers to create a go to market strategy.

I helped identify core audiences and prepare the project for their Kickstarter launch. I helped build up an enthusiastic fan base prior to the project launching and gave incentives to back the project on day one of launch.

The project had articles from Digital trends, CNET, The Verge and hundreds of other news sources.

Due to my efforts, the project reached its funding goal of $30,000 within 24 hours. The project eventually went on to reach $102,000+ on Kickstarter alone.

Useful Links

IOFIT website 

IOFIT  Kickstarter Page

IOFIT Indiegogo OnDemand