Circadia Sleep Technology

About This Project

Our team got involved with Circadia very early on. Our task was to understand the product and work out how to present a system that helped people with Circadian Rhythm Disorders. 

The challenge with the project was positioning two different products as a system, trying to explain the benefits of two products in one video and one page to an audience. 

We created a strategy that addressed this problem and built up a pre-launch campaign for the project after working out product positioning. We used our proven system adjusted for the two product dilemma to generate leads from people familiar with crowdfunding as well as those not familiar. 

The PR team the project used failed to deliver any results for the project so we launched on day one with no PR. The project raised the majority of its money through the work we had done pre-launch. Our team worked very closely with the team at Circadia, travelling with them on their PR tour and helping them at events like IFA and Boston Sleep Conference. 

After the PR team failed we decided to get involved and managed to gain press from BBC, Digital Trends, Wareable and IrishTimes.

The project ended up raising $200,000+ with over 1,100 backers on Kickstarter. We also helped the project on Indiegogo raising another $20,000+. We currently are helping the team continue sales through their e-commerce website.

Useful Links

Circadia Kickstarter Page

Circadia Indiegogo Page

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