Blocks Modular Smartwatch

About This Project

I helped launch the world’s first modular smartwatch on Kickstarter. I developed and executed digital & content marketing campaigns to drive traffic and this also involved analysis of ads, optimization of landing pages and conversion flows. I also created a successful ambassador program to generate users and publicity.

The project reached over one million people through the viral campaign on Thunderclap and Facebook prior to launch which resulted in raising $250,000 in 56 minutes of launch and $1.66M in total.

My press outreach work helped gain coverage from Mashable, BBC, Forbes, Product Hunt, Highsnobiety, Uncrate, Core77, Mobile Nations, and over 200+ other sources. I also collaborated in generating over 500,000 hits to the Kickstarter page.

The project became the 3rd most funded project in Europe. The company, unfortunately, ran into financial trouble and declared bankruptcy. 

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Blocks Kickstarter Page

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