Adore Smart Scale

About This Project

The team at Dynosense came to us with a problem, they wanted to launch a medical device using crowdfunding. We analysed the product and decided that as the first flagship launch it was not the correct project. We decided together to launch the scale, we worked closely with the team to revamp the branding and messaging of the project.

Our team working on a go-to-market strategy for the brand as well as helping build up a fanbase for the project. 

The real trick was helping the smart scale get all the marketing material correct and positioning it as a more advanced smart scale compared to the products already on the market. 

The project used another PR company who failed to generate any press so we used our emergency contacts and managed to get PR from Digital Trends, 9to5 toys, iMore, Geeky Gadgets and others.

We helped the project raise over $150,000+ on Kickstarter. 

Useful Links

Dynosense Website

Adore Smart Scale Kickstarter

Adore Smart Scale Indiegogo 

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