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“We use software like Yesware to check whether a journalist is opening up our emails,” Patel says. “We A/B test different headlines and use automation to make this process simpler. If a journalist doesn’t open our email, we target a different journalist at the same publication with a different email and see what works best and keep refining it.”  – 7 ways to generate PR for your crowdfunding campaign – Forbes

“A lot of projects come to us and say they’re going to hit a million, two million. Okay, well what pre-work have you done? ‘Oh, we’ve done nothing.’

“You need to do the pre-work. Okay, you might get lucky by being picked up by a national newspaper, but that’s very rare.” – How to launch a successful crowdfund campaign: 12 tips to make your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign fly – Alphr

“Payments on time are critical. Especially if you’re running a relatively new business, a few delayed payments can cause big problems,” – The 5 Types of Clients to dump so you can strengthen your business – Fast Company

Some of the fully managed campaigns we’ve done.

We’ve helped advise hundreds of projects, these are just some of them. We help projects in different areas ranging from lifestyle, robotics and health. 


We only take on a limited amount of projects every month, it is important you provide as much information as possible and get in contact EARLY.

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