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Who Is The Author Samit Patel?

Samit Patel is a world recognised leader in Crowdfunding and product launches, he has helped creators on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and through their own website raise more than $30,000,000 himself.  

Samit is recommended by accelerators and incubators around the world, places like Virgin, HAX, Highway 1, Alchemist and Hardware Club. 

Samit has always been an outside the box thinking individual who constantly pushes boundaries with his work.  

Samit has been featured by Forbes, Alphr and Fast Company. 

Having advised 1000s of people, companies on how to build, launch and scale their business Samit is bringing this knowledge to you.

Samit is now using the wealth of knowledge he has and more importantly the wealth of knowledge from his network to help others succeed. 

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The book is launching soon, sign up to be notified and get it 50% OFF.